The Marketing Effectiveness Engine. With OptimO, you can optimise every part of your media and marketing campaigns – insights, planning, targeting, delivery, measurement and ROI.

OptimO is AS Watson’s O+O Retail Media Eco-System, powered by extensive sector intelligence and unique first-party Health & Beauty data resources.

The Unique Power of OptimO

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data resources
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O+O Retail Media
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insight tools
icon Extensive sector experience and intelligence
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Optimised Advertising Effectiveness

Big Data. Vast Potential.

Drawing on data from over 5.5 billion AS Watson shoppers a year, with billions more online visits and loyalty programme interactions, OptimO taps into uniquely powerful behavioural, transactional and lifestyle data from the world of Health & Beauty enabling you to target and plan with confidence.
28 International Markets
5.5bn Shoppers a Year
170m Loyalty Members
1.1bn Online Visits a Year

Generate Richer Insights In Real Time.

OptimO gives you access to a suite of powerful insight tools that track consumer preferences, transactions and lifestyle in real time. See how, where and why people buy. Get ahead of trends. Identify and maximise new marketing opportunities for your brand.

Category Trends

(Powered by DataLab & WatsonView)
Ongoing insights into health and beauty trends, based on real transactional data and behavioural analysis. Proven to drive improved decision-making, increased advertising effectiveness, new sales opportunity across markets and categories.

Tailored Customer Research

(Powered by WISE)
Connect with our 170 million customers, in 28 markets in Asia and Europe, via qualitative or quantitative research. Get direct insight about your brand or product, or co-create with them.

Brand Performance Insights

(Powered by ASWInsight)
Bespoke insights to help you boost your brand performance. Based on cross-shop activity, category management, shopper demographics.

Predictive CRM Modelling

(Powered by DataLab & Ai Lab)
Our sophisticated data science engine Customer Insights Agent (CIA) uses predictive modelling algorithms to target our members with personalised product recommendations, right across the O+O ecosystem. This gives you immediate targeting efficiencies and ready-made audiences – which you can integrate into your marketing plan.

Personalised Communications Planning

(Powered by eLab)
Rather than one-size-fits-all, eLab combines data science, deep insight, marketing experience and a complete O+O media ecosystem to tailor and fine-tune your marketing plan – factoring in your specific objectives. This bespoke planning service gives you and end-to-end marketing engine with more effective results and the flexibility to refine your plan as further insights and results become available.

Social Listening

Access an extensive network of social media followers, to identify and confirm hot topics and trends. Enables you to target the right customers through the right channel at the right time.

Online Trends

Our specialist digital teams monitor the latest online trends, to predict what customers will be looking for in the future. Gives you valuable time to develop your next step.

A Connected O+O Retail Media Eco-System

Comprising 28 markets, multiple retail brands in categories such as Health & Beauty, Food & Beverages and Electronics, plus diverse offline and online touchpoints, AS Watson’s Retail Media Eco-System is inter-connected and powerful for any brands operating in similar retail categories.

Through OptimO, this eco-system is yours.
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Leading Brands Choose OptimO

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Compared with traditional digital marketing, one of the advantages of the OptimO Retail Media Eco-System is the Watsons Beauty Advisors. They are the real influencers among consumers, and this helps Maybelline to seed and promote our products.
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Listerine and Watsons China co-created a new retail method during the transformation of Watsons. We co-explored real-time media data tracking and target customer segmentation, which enabled us to be more accurate with advertising resources, improving our ROI.
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AIO co-created its marketing plan with the Watsons China OptimO team, including a new media plan and scheduling, resources and ad communication integration from Watsons private media to public media. This led to improved business growth for AIO.
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